Our History

The Northeast Youth Center opened in 1971, thanks to the vision of our very own Hal McGlathery and the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department. Hal saw a need in the area and used a grant opportunity to help create the center. Shortly after, Hal brought funding to the West Central and East Central communities. Each of the centers are linked through the same organizational affiliation; the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department. The centers all share the same values, providing opportunities for At-Risk youth. After the grant ran out the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department added a funding mechanism to their budget including these centers.


In 2003 the Northeast Youth Center created its own non-profit organization to help create a sustainable organization to help grow the center to meet the needs of the community. As the community changed the center changed to better serve the children and expand services to reach the expanding need for our services. We became a licensed childcare center.


In 2009, motivated by the increase in children attending the center and a desire to serve as many families as possible, the youth center out grew the facility we were in at 2121 E. Wabash and underwent a huge move to our current facility at 3004 E. Queen Ave.


In 2010, The Spokane and Recreation Department made some massive changes that affected the centers.  Due to the large budget cuts across the entire city, funding was reduced.  NEYC became a contractor to the city providing recreation activities for the children in the area.


In 2011, the youth center felt the hit of the economy and the hard times all Americans were facing. We had to make some major changes to continue to provide the community with the programming we were offering, but in the process downsize our operation. We successfully made it through the rough times.


In 2013 we held our first large collaborative fundraiser teaming up with West Central Community Center and Peaceful Valley Community Center in an event called Project Playhouse Spokane. The name has since been changed to Building Dreams, but the mission of the event is the same.


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our past successes, and who continues to shine the light toward a bright future.