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Welcome to NEYC!

The Northeast Youth Center (NEYC) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing culturally enriching and stimulating educational and recreational activities the build life experiences while enhancing the self-esteem of youth in our community. The NEYC offers programming to children 3-17. We have staff that are amazing people and want to share in the hopes and dreams of each of the children that come to our center. The youth center has more than 5,000 participants in the variety of activities that we offer. Hope to see you at one of our programs or events!


Special Events

Come join us for the best fun in Spokane, from Cinderella Tea Time Ball to our famous Northwest Mining Tour day we have something for everyone!

Summer Camps

Our programs and camps run at various times through out the year. Come look and find the one that fits your schedule best.

NEYC Programs

Many special events are held throughout the year. A variety for all ages can be found at NEYC. From TAE-KWON-DO to the Travel Camp we aim to please.

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